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Data in Arts, Arts in Data

When thinking about arts, one might think about beauty, feelings and emotion. When thinking about data, one might not think about those things at all. Data Science is by nature a very technical kind of discipline and much of the work we do might be seen as manipulating cold, generic, insensitive […]

What is Data Science?

Data seem to have become some of the most precious things on which our society relies. We use data, we manipulate data, we sell data, we buy data. Data is interchangeably material, product and currency, and depending on where you sit, can be an asset, a liability or a even […]

MK:Smart and the MK Data Hub

A Smart City is a place where people, companies and local authorities have access to a shared technological infrastructure to support efficient services, optimise the use of resources and improve quality of life. The MK:Smart project has for objective to create such an infrastructure, both as a way to support […]

Intelligent Semantic Web Systems

A new book written by Mathieu d’Aquin and Enrico Motta has just been published by Morgan and Claypool publishers, in the series “The Semantic Web: Theory and Technology”. This book entitled “The Epistemology of Intelligent Semantic Web Systems” is a reflection of the evolution of the Semantic Web, a young discipline in […]