[dsg_person name=”Enrico Motta” link=”” role=”Professor of Knowledge Technologies” img=”” ]

Research Fellows

[dsg_person name=”Francesco Osborne” link=”” role=”Scholarly data analytics” img=””]

Research Associates

[dsg_person name=”Alessio Antonini” link=”” role=”Data infrastructures” img=””]

[dsg_person name=”Emanuele Bastianelli” link=”” role=”Robotics and Machine Learning” img=””]

[dsg_person name=”Niaz Chowdhury” link=”” role=”Scientific data analysis” img=””]

[dsg_person name=”Andrea Mannocci” link=”” role=”Scholarly data analytics” img=””]

[dsg_person name=”Ilaria Tiddi” link=”” role=”Robotics and smart-cities”  img=””]

[dsg_person name=”Pinelopi Troullinou” link=”” role=”AI ethics” img=””]

Research Assistants

[dsg_person name=”Thiviyan Thanapalasingam” link=”” role=”Data queries” img=””]

Ph.D. students

[dsg_person name=”Enrico Daga” link=”” role=”Data cataloguing and policies” img=””]

[dsg_person name=”Angelo Salatino” link=”” role=”Scholarly data forecasting”  img=””]

Visiting and interns

[dsg_person name=”Gianluca Bardaro” link=”” role=”Robotics and control”  img=””]

Staff Members

[dsg_person name=”Jason Carvalho” link=”” role=”Data infrastructures” img=””]

Past Members

[dsg_person name=”Alessandro Adamou” link=”” role=”Research Assistant – Data integration and federation ” img=””]

[dsg_person name=”Carlo Allocca” link=”” role =”Research Assistant – SPARQL, data discovery, data analytics” img=””]

[dsg_person name=”Mathieu d’Aquin” link=”” role=”Senior Research Fellow” img=””]

[dsg_person name=”Marilena D’Aquino” link=”” role=”Visiting PhD student, digital humanities” img=””]

[dsg_person name=”Shuangyan Liu” link=”” role=”Research Assistant – Data acquisition, storage and quality” img=””]

[dsg_person name=”Keerthi Thomas” link=”” role=”Research Assistant – Privacy, data protection, software eng.”  img=””]

[dsg_person name=”Patrick Wang” link=”” role=”Researcher – Data analytics and mining”  img=””]